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Convert image files into PDF files in a glimpse of an eye
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JPEG to PDF is an application that helps you get your JPEG files convert into PDF format. The program is extremely easy to use. It doesn't have many advanced options. Just select the picture you want to convert, choose a folder, subfolder or output directory to get the output file saved to and then hit the convert button.
With this program, you can convert multiple JPEG files at once into PDF. In order to do that, you should gather all the JPEG files into one big file and then convert it to PDF as if it was a single JPEG file.
Even though the software converts your files into PDF files, you do not need any complementary application to get this software working. That is, you will need a PDF reader to view the files, but not to get them converted.
The original image files can be stretched and its position can be changed by clicking on any of the positions available on the program's main window. You could place the file on the top-left corner, top center, top right and so on. The files can be easily stretched at their top height and width.
The software also supports PNG, GIF, and BMP as input formats. You could think of this software as a very basic one, but it is free and effective, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to have it installed just in case you need it.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It converts image files into PDF
  • No complementary applications are needed


  • It doesn't display an alert when the file is converted
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